Grievance Mechanism Voltalia

The aim of the Grievance Mechanism procedure is to receive grievances and ensure adequate response to all complaints and appeals by stakeholders including local population affected by the Project. The Company will manage and handle complaints and grievances. They will receive, register, communicate with the competent department and supervise responses on complaints and resorts of the interested parties. Voltalia has established a grievance mechanism to be aware of and respond to stakeholders’ concerns and to facilitate a resolution for stakeholders’ grievances.

The grievance mechanism will address concerns promptly and effectively, using an understandable and transparent process that is culturally appropriate and readily accessible to all segments of the affected parties, at no cost and without retribution. The mechanism includes an independent, objective appeal mechanism, which will not impede access to judicial or administrative remedies.

The process requires the following steps:

  • Identification;
  • Registration and categorization;
  • Acknowledgement;
  • Investigation/response;
  • Communication of the response and request for stakeholder’s feedback; and
  • Close-out.

In order to ensure that the grievance mechanism is inclusive and culturally appropriate stakeholders have several methods of communication available to them to report a grievance.

These stands for:

  • Verbally: Verbal grievances are directed to an expert and/or company representative, who will fill out grievance form with all required details and pass it over to the Grievance Manager; and
  • In writing: Stakeholders can submit by completing a grievance form which is available at the project website, and upload it back after completing, or more conveniently, they can be submitting their concern by email at
  • Phone number: 0684027034

In this way it is important to ensure that these grievances are accepted, investigated and in a short time to be resolved and able to resolve all the open grievances to the community.

Grievance Form

Please CLICK HERE to file a grievance, and don’t hesitate to leave your contact details to be called back by our team